It was really nice to konw you were looking after things in our absence - it made it easy to relax and
		have fun - which we did!! The animals look very happy and the place looks great too! Lots of thanks again.

pet sitting

in your home

Pet Sitting Services Offered

PaminaWe are committed to giving professional, responsible, loving care to your pets in their own home. Town & Country pet sitters are fully insured and bonded.

Service Area

Our pet sitters provide service to homes in most of the Southwest, close-in Northwest, close-in Southeast Portland. Please email us for availability in your neighborhood.

Getting Started

JakeWe will schedule a consultation to get acquainted, fill out paperwork and pick up your key. There is no charge for this visit.

Then you will be signed up as a Town & Country client. All you need to do is email us for service. We do ask that you give us adequate notice.

Pet Sitting Home Visit Includes:

A typical visit is a minimum of 1/2 hour

  • We provide your pets with their meals
  • Rinse the bowl and serve fresh water
  • Walk the dogs
  • Play with the dogs and/or cats
  • We scoop the litter box and dispose of the waste
  • Will tidy up any accidents that we see
  • We always pick up after the dogs on a walk
  • We will brush your pet if they enjoy it
  • Administer supplements/vitamins
  • We can give some limited medications*
  • We don't mind feeding raw food and taking care of the (raw) dishes
  • We will send your choice of an email or text update
  • Leave a welcome home note
  • We will bring in the newspaper, mail & packages
  • Turn the lights on or off
  • Will open & shut the curtains or blinds during a.m. & p.m. visits
  • Water the plants indoor & out
  • Take the trash & the recycle to the curb and bring back in
  • Fill the bird feeders
  • We love to give love to your precious pets

Chicken Sitters

House Sitting When No Pets Are Home

We will drop by your house to :

  • Bring in the mail, paper & packages
  • Set the garbage and recycle out and bring it back in
  • Open & shut curtains, turn on radio
  • Water your garden
  • Water your indoor plants
  • Fill the bird feeders
  • Rotate lights to make the house look lived in

We Specialize in Cat Sitting!


We love kitties of all ages, sizes and temperaments. We prefer cats be inside only while you are away. We visit kitties at least once every 24 hours. We will feed your cats what you ask, including raw if your cats are on a raw diet. We will refresh all water dishes and fountains and the litter boxes are scooped each visit. We are all cat guardians as well as professional cat sitters so it is important to us to play with, pet and love your cats as we would want care for our own.

Dog walking:

Beau and Dante
  • We will take your wonderful dog for a 1/2 hour walk. We can arrange longer walks.
  • Town & Country pet sitters adhere to leash laws and will not walk dogs "off leash" in parks or open spaces. We want to be considerate of other people, pets & wildlife as well as keep your dog safe. Additionally, our insurance will be void if dogs are unleashed in unfenced, non-sanctioned areas.
  • Another option is to "let out" your dog. This is a 15 to 20 minute relief house call for those days you are away long hours.
  • Town & Country uses "bio bags" a fully biodegradable waste bag for our dog walks. These are also available to purchase from your pet sitter.

* We no longer “pill” cats. All medication administration must be discussed and agreed to prior to service.

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