While caring for people’s kitties we have become experts on cleaning cat boxes. I have tried many litters for my own cats as well as our clients. I do prefer the clumping type, but the newspaper pellets are fine as is the old style sand type. What I am currently using is a pine based litter that is scoopable. My goal is to research how to compost this litter safely.

What I find distasteful are the rolling-type boxes and the automatic boxes. Somehow these boxes always have a lingering odor. It seems that simply scooping and removing the waste keeps smell down. The auto boxes warehouse the waste until you remove it. The rolling boxes also collect the waste, but the rolling breaks up the urine balls and the litter turns dark and is strong smelling. I can almost predict a home has these when I go in. If you don’t want odor , plan to scoop and remove the waste.

More to come on litter box issues.