Holiday pet sitting

At this time of year we get a lot of new client inquiries. I feel sorry for folks saying that their neighbor, hobby sitter or friend bailed on them and they have no one to

Rufus the Golden’s weight loss success

Here is Gerry’s successful strategy for reducing her wonderful Golden retriever’s weight. Thank you Gerry for sharing this. Moving from rural Maine to the city of Portland, Oregon was a big change for Rufus. He

dogs pulling on the leash

Consider either of these choices if your dog pulls on walks. Dog walkers become weary of walking dogs that pull. We walk dozens of dogs each week. Imagine if even half of those

Premier pet products merges with RSC

Please read this blog interview. I will not be purchasing Premier products. I am done with choke chains, pinch collars or shock collars. There is too much evidence to show the harm done. In order

Keeping cats safe indoors

Here is a link to the Portland Audubon society’s Cats and wildlife essay: This is well written and strong encouragement to keep our pet kitties inside whenever possible. One danger to outdoor cats are

I’m a professional pet sitter!

Last summer a client had friends watering their extensive garden so that I might spend my entire time with the cats. They are two sweet, well socialized kitties and I spent most of the time

Cat Boxes

While caring for people’s kitties we have become experts on cleaning cat boxes. I have tried many litters for my own cats as well as our clients. I do prefer the clumping type, but the

Dog Coats

Last Friday when I walked the 5th dog in a downpour I suddenly had the eureka moment about dog coats! as I wiped down this dog and took a good 10 minutes to get her

Why you should hire a professional

Over the 4th of July weekend a local professional pet sitter posted this to our local Portland professional pet sitters message board. This pet sitter was prepared and takes the job seriously.   Sherry Hasslacher


I saw one on this hot night on Fairmont. It was a skinny one who stood under a street lamp. Possibly a juvenile without developed hunting skills. I am not afraid, ever, but there is a thrill of

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