Gentler leader

Consider either of these choices if your dog pulls on walks.

Dog walkers become weary of walking dogs that pull. We walk dozens of dogs each week. Imagine if even half of those dogs pulled!

Training the dog will solve this problem.  For a walker who has been hired to walk the dog for a limited amount of time, training may not always work. A wonderful dog trainer explained to me the concept of management as opposed to training. This is an elegant solution for a dog walker with the brief amount of time we have walking the dogs. We use benign equipment like gentle leaders or front clip halters. With a front clip halter we are able to manage the dogs and even give them opportunity to not pull and to learn that it is a little more pleasant to walk without pressure the whole time. We are managing the situation by not allowing the undesirable behavior to continue.

We don’t use punishment on pets and that includes collars that hurt or make dogs uncomfortable to accomplish what we want. We subscribe to positive training ideas. That is why I carry front clip halters in every size.

Gentle leaders or halties are another option. However, a dog needs to get used to it so it isn’t my first choice for a client dog. We do walk many dogs who have been trained to be accustomed to them and they do very well in a gentle leader. Those dogs are very light at the end of the leash.