Piper and Tucker leap with joy when they hear the dog walker coming ! Thank you for taking such good and faithful care of them.

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Town & Country Dog Walking Program

One of our amazing employees out for a walk with a client

Town & Country pet sitting services offers daily, weekly or on-call dog walking for your dog while you are working or busy. Our dog walkers are highly experienced, professional and loving.

Town & Country dog walkers :

  • are insured and bondedWorking it on a dog walk
  • are reliable
  • have good reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List
  • are red cross certified or are vet techs
  • want the walk to be about your dog
  • leave a daily journal
  • have knowledge of dog behavior and positive training
  • continue their training and education
  • will offer delicious treats ,if allowed
  • are dog owners
  • are familiar with reactive dogs and their needs
  • will keep your dog safe (will never let your your dog off leash)
  • always have back up
  • refresh the dog water
  • if requested will feed or medicate your dog
  • will coat your dog, if requested
  • look out for your dogs well being and report to you if there is a problem
  • always pick up poo
  • carry biodegradable bags

Our Walks:

  • are competitively priced
  • are thirty minutes (you may book more or less)
  • are performed in a window of time. (We are unable to promise exact times due to the varying and surprising nature of our schedules!)
  • are performed as dog-centric. We allow them to stop to sniff

Our Philosophy

Walking dogs in Portland, OROur dog handling philosophy is in line with positive training principles. We don’t use choke or prong collars, nor do we drag dogs or let them pull. We have no-pull halters that have worked very well on hundreds of dogs without pain or discomfort. We will work with your dog with our halter and rudimentary positive training to avoid this. We are Not trainers, but do suggest wonderful trainers: Synergy Dogs and Wonder Puppy.

Your dog will receive the exercise they need as well as the mental stimulation they crave. Dogs at liberty stop to sniff! Their olfactory senses are exponentially greater than ours. They “see” their world with smell. We want to walk well behaved dogs and will encourage our charges to behave politely. However, we will not restrict them from what is proven mental stimulation and pleasurable to them. The dogs we bring back from a walk are happy and satisfied. We have hundreds of happy clients all over Portland who agree.

Check out our rates, try the service and see the difference in your best friend.

Expert dog walking in Portland, OR

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