At this time of year we get a lot of new client inquiries. I feel sorry for folks saying that their neighbor, hobby sitter or friend bailed on them and they have no one to care for their pets. We get booked well in advance and we rarely accept new clients after December first. I save a a bit of space for current clients that may need last minute service for one reason or another. We will always try to accommodate our currently signed clients.

I want to let people know that professional sitters will not cancel bookings on their calendar because they feel like taking off! Town & Country pet sitting is open 365 days a year. Yes, we work on Christmas day, New Year’s day and all holidays. You can trust that we will be available. We do take vacations, but we go at off times and we cooperate with other professionals for backup. Our network of backups are in place for emergencies too.

If the people who are calling this close to the holiday had signed up well in advance with a professional they would not be let down and be desperate for someone 2 days before Christmas. It’s such a great idea to have your key with a professional pet sitter. Research potential sitters: Do they have good Yelp reviews? Have your trusted friends recommended them? Make sure they have insurance and have a business license. Make sure they have some years of experience!

You will be glad you have a trusted  professional pet sitter to call.