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Pet Sitter - Perri Combs-Taber

An early black and white photo of the owner of town and country pet standing with her cat, one hand eagerly petting it.Perri Combs-Taber's first cats were Chocolate Jinx, Peanut Butter and Thomasina. Her horse's name was Thunder. Her best friend, a dog from the pound was the untrained, but beloved Murphy. Perri has raised chickens, been a professional in the equine industry and been a life long animal lover and pet owner.

After graduating from the U of O, Perri moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. She managed a 70 horse training stable in Alamo, CA. She also apprenticed for her eventing trainer and worked for a hunt seat trainer exercising horses. She gave lessons under the guidance of her own trainer. Her career as a pet sitter began when a small stable owner from the neighborhood asked her to care for her horses when she was flying. This first client told her friends and soon Perri had a dozen regular clients whose horses, pets and stables she cared for while they traveled. The large stable she managed was closed by a developer so she moved to another stable where she became head of the riding school and had additional free-lance clients. She taught 50 - 75 students each week and continued to horse sit in the morning and evening. Her free-lance students included equitation instruction to World Cup participants competing in Holland and several physically & mentally challenged students. Those many years as a professional in the equine industry are the "country" of Town & Country.

After moving back home to Portland to raise her daughters, she continued to pet sit for friends. She decided to officially name and open Town & Country Pet Sitting when a good friend brainstormed with her to have a positive career change. Perri, a Portland native, attended OES as a 14 year "lifer". She lives in southwest with her daughters, adopted dogs and many adopted or fostered indoor cats.

For 25 years she has given professional care to many wonderful pets. This wide variety of animals that have been cared for in her home or her clients: chickens, rodents, hundreds of cats & dogs as well as a hawk in rehabilitation, horses, ponies, fish, cockatiels, parakeets, parrots, tortoises, guinea pigs and more. Perri spends time staying current on animal health and behavior research.

Perri has completed the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters' Certification.

She is accredited by Pet Sitters International.

She is certified in pet first aid by the Red Cross.

She is furthering her knowledge by taking dog training classes from Synergy dog training.

Perri has volunteered at Dove Lewis emergency vet hospital.

Perri has volunteered at Phoenix farms with their handicapped riding program.

Perri supports multiple animal related charities.


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